We built a greenhouse

Mrs Kicou was getting a bit antsy: having lost her job and being stuck at home, she needed something to keep herself busy. So she drew plans for a greenhouse and looked up buiding supplies all the while trying to keep cost down. With lock-down restrictions we weren't able to check the lumber in person, so we ordered everything on line.

To avoid the need for a building permit we made it just under 100 sq ft: technically the greenhouse is a free-standing garden shed, i.e. it is structurally independent from the house. The only thing that is attached to the house is some flashing tape to close the gap between the garage wall and the greenhouse roof.

We didn't go crazy with the polycarbonate: there is no way we can insulate the greenhouse properly against the Winter cold, so we just went for regular corrugated panels.

It was still chilly in March, but in a matter of two weeks we managed to have the greenhouse up before it got rained or snowed on.

We got lucky for the door: we found it on a curbside in our neighbourhood, just 200 metres from home. Some neighbour was getting rid of their old wooden storm door. Because the door opening of the greenhouse is a bit shorter than a regular door I had to trim the top and bottom, but otherwise it is a nice colourful addition the the structure.

There are still a few finishing touches to be made, but as it is now it the greenhouse is mostly done.

Here are some pics of the building process:

The supplies

The platform

Once levelled, we start the framing

Framing done

Garage side door and window are now inside the greenhouse

Polycarbonate panels

We salvaged a nice wooden storm door

The King is enjoying the long chair

Still need to organise, but things are starting to grow