Linux and me

In the Spring of 1992 I was a student and I wanted to learn about UNIX systems. I was looking for Minix, found 386BSD and Linux. Most of my fellow students adopted 386BSD because we used Sony NewsOS (a BSD-flavour UNIX) stations at school but 386BSD required SCSI disks, I couldn't afford a SCSI controller + hard drive.

So I downloaded the Boot and Root floppy images of Linux 0.95 and this is how I became a Linux user.

Currently, my daily desktop distributions are Pop!_OS (an Ubuntu derivative) and Manjaro ARM64. I have used SLS, Slackware, Debian, Yggdrasil, Mandrake, Fedora, RedHat. I tend to distro-hop a lot less nowadays. For production systems I deploy Ubuntu and Redhat/CentOS.

I have worked for several IT services companies, large and small: I prefer small ones because they are run by humans.

The last company I worked for was a small shop specialising in Linux and Open Source solutions. But the founders retired and sold to a larger MSP that only does Windows, and from then on things went downhill.

After 12 years I resigned and became self-employed. So far I have no regrets.